So we're working on another new track 'Twice Twice' and firmly came to the realisation that we're not simply dance and groove motivated. But we're making music we like. This new track is my indie self rearing it's comfortable head, Parts of it remind me of Pinback which is great. The drumming on this is interesting and I'm on bass which is a change, my fingers aren't used to it but I'm inspired to write a nice guitar line over the verses to stay in keeping with the pinbackiness. I love how their arrangements work.
Hope you enjoy the frantic pAper chAse type spazzy rock section. The rest of the track just reminds me of summer frolics.
Vocals will write themselves for this one.
Thanks to Joe and Gav at Punch for allowing us use a rehearsal space for some of the afternoon. Their rather impressive sounding band Broken Shapes are playing Collywood soon.
Remember that "Everything changes things".

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