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Hey everyone. I think it's time to sum everything up! So the goal has been achieved; Around January 2012 Chris and I started knocking about in the garage and now 5 months later we managed to record an EP and perform to a packed little venue. Now I think that might be it, let's say Jogging Tours is on an indefinite hiatus.
I'm hoping to get a couple of local reviews and I'm sending a few cds off here and there but I'm going to be away from England for a while. We'll see, hoping to get a little local airplay and I'll be trying to document any happenings here.
The EP is called Cannon in tribute to my grandfather Gerard Harrison who sadly died last month. He was a pretty fantastic person with a pretty fantastic obsession with cannons and guns.
If you wanna listen/download the EP you can visit our bandcamp page.
As for the gig; thanks to those who came, especially the ones that drove long distances for it or took trains after work, means a lot. Thanks also to those of you that lent us things or helped us out in a variety of ways.

James Severy started the night off with a few of his own tunes, he's a rather talented chap and I got to know him through Joe Bailey of GoGoColin fame. James played a great set and had the audience glued and entertained with his amusing lyrics and twisty song structures.
Next up were Mouse Tribes, my friend Dave Collins in the main man for them, we almost had a band before that but it never really worked due to illness and holidays, I think it worked out for the best though because he is a songwriting machine and has done well to team up with Sam, I'm going to preorder their future EP for sure. Their music is exciting, honest and fun and their set was a nice mixture of sweet and dark which is just what I like!

James Severy
Mouse Tribes
Jogging Tours at Tin Pan Alley 11/05/12
Jogging Tours
We played the 4 tracks from our EP, plus 'Unspoken' which is one I would have liked to include if we all had more time and money.  In the middle there we did a shortened cover of Mclusky's 'She WIll Only Bring You Happiness' which is an old fave of mine. Thanks to all who cheered and wooped in all the right places, for a first and possibly last gig I'm happy with how it went, there was even a bit of dancing. 
Well done to Robert for manufacturing 9 and a half great tshirts, how about that for limited edition?? And they are all gone. He has some interesting and fun artwork you should check out, I like his style and the cut of his jib.

And that's how for now.

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