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Thanks to everyone for the encouragement we've had thus far.
Things have been moving on nicely but there's no denying that we need some vocals.
This is being addressed. Updates soon.
Meanwhile J-Tours brings you a few new little sketchy recordings, the 2nd garage session and this one was damn cold.
'Not A Whisper' is an old Bed song I used to play with Joel Stanier and the original harmony swamped, reverby beauty can be found here.
I'm aware that we havn't had much to offer you visually so I've included a visual interpretation of me as a girl, drawn by Dan.
I'm currently addicted to:
Cloud Control
Release the Sunbird
Born Ruffians
Slow Club
Nick Drake

1/25/2012 18:05:55

We look forward to recording some songs with you soon gentlemen!
Keep up the excellent work!


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